The Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership was organized in 1992 to create fundamental changes in the delivery of health services in Murray and Whitfield Counties. Based upon a collaborative effort between providers of healthcare, business and industry, local government, educators, and public health, the project has benefited from a strong commitment by the community to improve the overall health status while controlling costs, improving accessibility and promoting high quality care.

Resources to initiate the project were supplied primarily by the Hamilton Medical Center with additional funding from the Georgia Hospital Association. Acting as a catalyst for the project, these two organizations supported the initial planning and development. Other organizations and individuals contributed their time, expertise, and facilities to the project.

By 1994, the Partnership was poised to move forward with the planning and implementation of a number of short- and long-term projects. With this, it became extremely important that a full-time Executive Director be recruited to manage and administer the daily operations of the organization. Nancy Kennedy became the Partnership’s first Executive Director and served in that position until 2014.

NGHP continues providing health services guidance and community based health programs throughout Northwest Georgia.

Vision Statement

“Creating a Healthier Community”

The Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership’s vision is to lead our community in creating innovative solutions to critical health issues.


The Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership’s mission is to improve community health through collaboration, innovative ideas, and positive action.